19 novembro 2008

I'm not..

Série 'I'm not' – fotos performances.

As imagens fazem parte também da pesquisa de criação do solo em processo "Estranho, eu não sou Hamlet".

Ação realizada no Centro Popular de Conspiração Gargarullo (Miguel Pereira - Rj), durante o intensivo do projeto Hotel Medea

Dia 16 de novembro de 2008.  Uma hora de duração.

Imagens de Márcia Shoo e Antígone.

Nwondo Ebizie

Irlane Oliveira

Becca Savory

Raquel Aquileira

Lisa Lapidge

Márcia Shoo

Persis Jade Maravalla.

Recados deixados para Hamlet-Ophélia durante a ação:

I am not a man I am and I am initiated into a new way of being cast into self awareness and over the zoo

I will and I will not be a man who is lost in the double lost in the many worlds that spawn from this moment again and again

I will make myself for you again and again on this cold hard floor

I'm not ready for life neither am i ready for the dullard twist of the knife, either into my own gut or the gut of somebody else – and i have quite the gut

I'm not really there kneeling down and im not tired of being another, quite the opposite, I have only just begun

One day I will be a hero and until then I politely request that you shut the fuck up and mind your own business – there is time for the being of self and the selflessness of being but if i carry on looking into your pale blank mirror like eyes and find myself staring back into myself one more time, I swear, either you, or I or every mother fucker in this place must die.

There is no need to be here right now, in this space with these people. Just shut the fuck up and get over it. It is time for me to leave...just leave and never look back. Otherwise it might be too late!

Dearest Ophelia,

Polka dotty

Crazy bitch

sexlove lovesex

must not get confused

God, you look sexy

great legs

like this (question mark)


wet through

oh I could drown in you

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